reusable macbook / privacy stickers

personalize your macbook with a reusable glowing or opaque tabtag. protect your privacy by covering the cameras on your phone, tablet or laptop with a glue-free CamTag. choose from our collection or have your own design turned into custom stickers.

give your brand extra glow

MacBook with glowing custom macbook stickers we made for different companies

we bet you have created a great logo for your brand. 
let us help you to get it seen by everyone.

with glowing tabtags we can make your logo glow,
so your brand becomes more visible and stands out from the crowd.
simply send your design file to and get a free digital preview of your own design or branding!

March 16, 2017 by volker lobmayr

stefan sagmeister about beauty

Stefan Sagmeister with a custom tabtag macbooksticker

this week a few lucky people were given a great opportunity to hear the famous austrian designer stefan sagmeister speak about beauty at angewandte innovation lab. sagmeister told attendees that beautiful things work better and have a more positive effect on our wellbeing. he demonstrated this theory using a number of examples from new york, where he has been living for more than 25 years. a twitter mood-board demonstrated that our environment has a strong influence on us. it was clear to see that the mood of new yorkers was worse near the rather ugly penn station, while people often felt much better around the much more beautiful grand central station. creating a beautiful piece of art under a bridge in dumbo brookly converted this rather unattractive, smelly and dirty place into a tourist attraction and a popular backdrop for freshly married couples. the recently redesigned high-line became such a beautiful and harmonic place, with not one single crime having been reported from there. like happiness, beauty is a very broad concept, nevertheless stefan added a number of surprising and mind-blowing viewpoints.

thank you stefan for this great talk and for having a tabtag glowing on your macbook!!!

June 25, 2015 by Carson Shopify


president obama with a macbooksticker on his macbook

a dear supporter of tabtag re-tweeted this photo by reuters showing president obama holding a speech. his macbook is decorated with an official sticker. while we feel a bit sad, that this sticker unfortunately isn't a tabtag, we can clearly see a need for one here. imagine how cool this sticker would look, if the eagle in it's center was glowing!

June 09, 2015 by Volker Lobmayr

netapp custom tabtags on the netapp gear store

netapp custom tabtag glowing on a macbook

everything started with one of netapp's employees backing us on kickstarter about a year ago. starting with a few netapp tabtags, their popularity within the company kept growing. now netapp custom tabtags are available on the netapp gear store. we are happy and grateful to contribute to netapp's corporate flair.

May 28, 2015 by Volker Lobmayr

impressions from the marketing rockstar conference 2015

bringing experts together, exchanging knowledge, and gaining new ideas from different business areas was the ongoing spirit of the marketing rockstars conference.

things to come google tabtag

from the first Q&A session to the closing keynote by jay curley, creating authentic experiences’, our heads were filled with mixture of thoughts, ideas and hunger.

Jey Curley keynote tabtag

we thoroughly enjoyed our first marketing rockstar conference and we left graz with a new sense of belonging in a global community of marketing, many new ideas and an increased twitter following.

marketing rockstars volunteer with a custom tabtag glowing on her macbook

thanks to all visitors, speakers, partners and volunteers for the great experience! 

May 11, 2015 by Iva Lohovska

focus on light

earlier this year, on the occasion of the international year of light declared by the united nations, we had the honor to speak at the zumtobel lichtforum at vienna about our approach to light.

on april 17th y the zumtobel group organized a special year of light event at their headquarters in dornbirn, and at the bregenz festspielhaus. zumtobel invited 950 guests from 27 countries to attend a program of inspiring lectures, a presentation of product innovations by thorn, tridonic and zumtobel, as well as of the winners of the zumtobel group award. all attendees received custom made year of light tabtags to decorate their macbooks. the glowing apple logo gets covered, blocking the light, but leaving the words "year of light" glow. the thoroughly and environmentally friendly produced tabtags can be peeled off easily and reused various times. 

April 07, 2015 by Volker Lobmayr