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the product hunt effect

after experiencing a very intense and successful spring, our team was looking forward to a somewhat more relaxed summer. many businesses experience a calmer summer, many choose this time to take a holiday, lean back and recharge their batteries. we had plans to do a few tweaks on our website and publish a few new designs. however the quiet period did not last very long, in mid-july we got hunted on producthunt and found ourselves on a different planet. one of their hunters published tabtag in their tech-section and the audience up-voted and commented. this prompted a huge level of public engagement for tabtag, and we enjoyed answering questions and receiving a lot of great feedback.

on one particular day more people visited than in 90 days before, orders and inquiries spiraled and we had to do a few night shifts in order to respond emails and fulfil orders. being published on producthunt led to a chain reaction of blogs and online magazines featuring tabtag. we are very happy and grateful for the immense support we received.

product hunt tabtag and packaging

we want to give back some love, so we created a special edition of producthunt tabtags, which will be given away to 10 people who comment this blog post. all winners will be notified via comment below and then can provide their shipping information via our contact form. best of luck!!!

September 28, 2015 by volker lobmayr
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Matt said:

looking forward to seeing our custom TabTags!!!!

David Diamond

David Diamond said:

Kittylicious ?


Juan said:

This cat would be the perfect companion for my ghost tabtag!

Florian Bauernfeind

Florian Bauernfeind said:


Mario Sparrer

Mario Sparrer said:

Me! Me! Me! Please ;-)


Barbara said:

the idea of tabtag is just so incredibly incredible, hope you are gonna rule the Apple-world soon!


Bui said:

Love it!


Pilar said:

Adorable! Do they also come in the pixel version of the product hunt logo? ;)


Bogdan said:

Purrfection! It looks just like my ginger kitten minus the google glass


frautau said:



susan said:

yay congrats!


Javier said:

the tab tags are great! and this one its very cool!


volker said:

thank you for your fun and kind comments! we just sent you an email to receive your shipping addresses, so that the guys from product hunt can send you a kitty tabtag ;)

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