glowing & reusable macbook stickers

personalize your macbook with a glowing sticker from our collection or have your own design produced as custom decals. tabtags use the glowing apple as a light source. you can apply, remove & reuse them many times. we ship worldwide for free.

because we love you

two macbooks with a glowing heart sticker

we know that valentine’s is just another day and that you appreciate and love your special someone every single day. we also know that chocolate melts and flowers die, but still everybody gets excited about small signs of attention every now and then. that’s why we prepared a little something for you.

2 for 1

pick a tabtag for your love and receive a second one as our present to you. just chose your your favorite (2 or more) designs and enter the discount code LOVE during checkout until january 29th. we’ll send them to you just in time for valentine’s day.



ps. we ship for free worldwide, so there might be some change left for flowers ;)

january 26, 2017 by jovana vukovic

superhero sale

glowing superhero macbook stickers on a macbook

superhero landing! they're doing a superhero landing!

we all need a superhero from time to time. however, most of the time, we do not even realize that we ourselves are the superheroes. to remind you of how strong you are, we want to share our superhero collection with you!

starting on monday, 12th of december, you get € 2 off each batman, superman and deadpool design. use the code „SUPERHEROES-EXTENDED“ at the checkout. 

this code will expire on sunday, 18th of december friday, 23rd of december.
december 11, 2016 by Stefanie Peninger

black friday sale

black friday sale and macbook with glowing decal

get ready for our black friday sale


we cut our prices in half on all designs.
oh, and we also have free shipping on all our orders.


form friday, november 25th
to sunday, november 27th


just enter the discount code BLACKFRIDAY during checkout.


view designs


november 11, 2016 by volker lobmayr

why we decided to ship for free

tabtag packaging

starting your own business is an adventure. while we do our research to try to understand how to tackle a particular problem, we often decide on our approach intuitively, without really knowing what the implications might be. since our launch two and a half years ago, we charged a small shipping fee for tabtags from our collection, while offering free shipping to all our clients who ordered custom tabtags.

after talking with some friends and colleagues we decided that it was illogical to add shipping fees to regular tabtag orders but not add them to custom tabtag orders. we later considered charging shipping fees on all our orders. after all, we have to pay for shipping as well. sounds reasonable, right?

a few days ago, i was about to support a kickstarter campaign. after selecting a reward I was ready to pay. i was then confronted with shipping fees that added almost 50% to the amount i was prepared to spend. i did not complete the order and left the website feeling slightly frustrated.

having looked at our abandoned checkout statistics, i started to wonder whether a similar unpleasant surprise of shipping fees might be turning away potential customers at the last stage of the ordering process.

for us, it has been always important that tabtag delivers the best service possible to ensure that our customers feel valued and routinely have a good experience shopping with tabtag.

in light of this, we came to the decision that the best solution is to get rid of shipping fees altogether. we are looking forward to seeing the outcome of this move.

what are your experiences with shipping fees?

october 13, 2016 by volker lobmayr

summer sale

macbook with glowing decal, sunglasses and cap

we want to celebrate with you. it's summer and we just redesigned our website! until the end of august all tabtags are reduced from € 11 to € 9. browse through our designs and find a cool glowing macbook decal for yourself or as an original present for someone you want to surprise. 

in the past couple of months we put a lot of effort into redesigning our website and are very happy with the outcome. of course there are still things to be improved, so if you see an error or have any suggestions, please drop us a line via our contact form.


july 27, 2016 by volker lobmayr

tabtag on swissmiss

blog post published on swissmiss when we launched tabtag two years ago, we dreamed of being featured on swissmiss one day. life has been even more generous. not only were our glowing & reusable macbook stickers featured today, i also had the chance to meet tina roth eisenberg in new york and receive valuable insights and helpful tips from her. i am always grateful and happy to meet such inspiring people.

enjoy reading what tina has written about us and browse through her amazing design blog, you will love it!

I am usually not someone that would E-V-E-R put a sticker on anything I own, but the concept of tabtags won me over: They are glowing (!) and reusable MacBook stickers. You can remove them without a trace and reuse them over and over. SO MUCH FUN!


july 01, 2016 by volker lobmayr

we love shopify

glowing shopify macbook sticker on a mac

when we first thought about creating glowing, reusable macbook decals, we looked for a flexible, powerful and intuitive e-commerce platform which would allow us to customize our website design and easily add new functionality. after doing our research and trying out several platforms it was clear that shopify would be our platform of choice. since our launch in may 2014 we have been steadily improving and tweaking our webshop and adding new applications via the shopify app store. we are currently redesigning our webshop and are happy that even this process can be done rather easily using shopify. we searched for our favorite theme on the shopify store, bought it and are now adapting it to our needs - being able to preview it online without interfering with our live shop. this allows us to seamlessly switch from the current shop design to the new one.

shopify can count us among their huge number of satisfied customers. when the shopify team contacted us asking if we could produce glowing macbook stickers of their logo, we were thrilled and excitedly got to work creating amazing shopify tabtags for them.

thank you shopify for being such a great partner!

march 10, 2016 by volker lobmayr

glowing opera macbook stickers

opera macbook sticker glowing on a macbook

the opera team contacted us because they wanted to organize a special giveaway for their team and cooperation partners. they thought our glowing macbook stickers offered the perfect solution. after testing out a few different versions, they went ahead with a tabtag that showed their icon glowing red on a white light blocking background. we also produced custom opera packaging for their order too. the result looks nothing short than amazing.

february 08, 2016 by volker lobmayr
tags: client

feature on the laughing squid

we are happy about this great article on the laughing squid.

tabtags are a creative series of removable and reusable glowing stickers, made by a skilled group of Vienna, Austria-based designers, that use the illuminated apple logo on a macbook lid as a light source. tabtags was funded through kickstarter, thanks to all of their generous backers. the collection of stickers are available to purchase online from the tabtag website.

january 25, 2016 by volker lobmayr

article on the next web

we are very happy that the next web team introduced us to their audience in this great article.

there are plenty of macbook decals out there – etsy and ebay are full of them – but few of them take advantage of the light behind the apple logo. That’s where tabtag comes in.

the sticker company, which began as a kickstarter campaign, and has just resurfaced after appearing on product hunt. it makes glowing stickers that use the logo as a light source.

october 01, 2015 by volker lobmayr