glowing & reusable macbook stickers

personalize the glowing apple logo on your macbook with a glowing tabtag, make your notebook or tablet stand out with an opaque sticker from our collection, or have your own design turned into custom decals. tabtags are reusable many times. enjoy free worldwide shipping.

waving from space

exploring outer space astronauts can see with their own eyes how finite, fragile and beautiful planet earth is. this is our only home. all life – including us humans – depends on it. so let's protect it!

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june 25, 2019 by volker lobmayr

whaaat? easter already?

easter bunny behind macbook with reusable sticker

while we have been busy working on new designs
and a new product, easter is approaching fast.

no worries, we've got you covered:
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ps.: we don't like unpleasant surprises either, that's why we ship for free.

april 11, 2019 by volker lobmayr

introducing curio & co.

curio & co. love nostalgia and they have set out 
to create a universe of favorite childhood treasures.

we are happy to bring their spooky ghost series to you. 
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december 11, 2018 by volker lobmayr

black friday sale

this weekend everything in our shop will be 2 for 1. choose 2 or more designs and enter 18BF2FOR1 at checkout for a 50% discount.

we only do big sales twice a year, so this is the time to start gift shopping or treat yourself.

november 23, 2018 by volker lobmayr

glowing netflix tabtags in action

when we learned that netflix featured a glowing netflix tabtags in one of their commercials we were more than thrilled. they look nothing short of amazing, in part because the design of the netflix icon is top notch and because it looks even better when glowing on a macbook. see for yourself.

october 16, 2018 by volker lobmayr

custom sale

macbook with glowing and opaque custom sticker

have your own design or logo turned into glowing or opaque custom tabtags at a 25% discount until the end of this month.

just send us your design data in the formats AI or EPS in CMYK colors. based on your design we create a free digital preview of your custom tabtags for you to review. you are free to decide at any point if you want to move forward.

all tabtags are reusable and environmentally friendly made, in austria.

august 21, 2018 by volker lobmayr

glue-free cuteness

beagle macbook sticker on laptop

these little fellows – panda, koala, beagle, teddy bear – are here to provoke smiles and break the ice in public.

we optimized them for the new macbook models without a glowing apple logo.
their glue-free adhesive film allows for easy application, removal, and reuse.

may 29, 2018 by volker lobmayr

easter magic

how about a little magic for your macbook? depending on which macbook model you use, choose among our glowing or opaque tabtags. receive 30% off all orders before march 18th. just enter HAPPYEASTER30 at checkout.

march 13, 2018 by volker lobmayr

love is on the air...

glwoing and opaque "hex heart" tabtag on a macbook

...and on every mac around.
love is on the air,
everyone with a discount.
and we know it's an amazing idea,
a 2 for 1 just over here.
just enter the code VALENTINES
at checkout 'til the 29th.
january 24, 2018 by volker lobmayr

neon & silver tabtags

tabtag artis partisan behind a macbook with a neon decal on it

we’re excite to announce our new neon & silver collection in collaboration with tabtag artist PARTISAN non_regular design. he has created stunning designs from quotes. they are available in silver, neon orange & pink and black & white.

PARTISAN non_regular design was founded in 2013, it establishes itself in the field between art and craft. initially, small images of street art motifs and typographic subjects were created, which are manually laminated to wood. the object lamps TYPE_LIGHTs with typographic designs complete the portfolio.

we had the chance to meet PARTISAN and learn more about his art- and design projects:

what is your background as a designer / artist?

I’m working as graphic designer but I love to create new products as the TYPE_LIGHT. so I founded PARTISAN non_regular design to do more handcrafted products.

do you consider yourself more of a designer or an artist?

actually I see myself as a designer, not an artist.

what was your motivation to start “PARTISAN”?

I shot a series of photos of street art in different cities. I always used the same style of filter, so the photos looked similar although they were taken at different locations. after the collection grew I wanted to do something with the photos and not let them rot in the drawer. so I did my first product – the „urban culture distorted“ series. These are by hand laminated photos on wood. after producing 50 images I founded PARTISAN non_regular design.

are there any other side projects?

I’m working as a graphic designer. but I love product- and interior design. beside my regular job I did a blog about art, design and architecture. I named it „kunstdirektion wien“ as I worked at that time as an art director. and then I founded PARTISAN non_regular design in 2013 to do my handcrafted projects. sometimes I really feel like a split personality.

of course, who does not want to turn their passion into a career.

would you like your side projects to become the center of your work life?

of course, who does not want to turn their passion into a career. however, bills have to be paid and that's sometimes difficult when trying to sell your products.

if you had a time machine, what’s the one piece of advice you would give yourself 10 years ago?

good question. hmmm, I would tell myself that life is not always easy but it is still worth to believe in yourself. make mistakes, take your pleasure seriously and stay hungry – stay foolish. BUT get shit done. if nothing helps believe in art

december 13, 2017 by volker lobmayr