glowing & reusable macbook stickers

personalize your macbook with a glowing sticker from our collection or have your own design produced as custom decals. tabtags use the glowing apple as a light source. you can apply, remove & reuse them many times. we offer free shipping worldwide.

we proudly present a new tabtag artist

macbook sticker by scott goetz glowing on a mac

express yourself with one of the beautiful tabtags
designed by our new team member, social media manager and photographer.
scott's tabtags combine gorgeous curated photos with magnificent hand-lettered fonts.
check them out

if you'd like to become a tabtag artist or know a designer or illustrator whose designs you love, please tell them about us or drop us a line. as a tabtag artist, you'll receive a fair cut for each of your tabtags sold. 
may 08, 2017 by scott goetz

nice drop

macbook with glowing egg sunny side up tabtag

well-aimed, this egg is now a glowing sunny side up. yummi! you deserve a reward!

enjoy a two for one discount on all our designs including our new opaque tabtags.

just enter EASTERSPECIAL during checkout berfore monday midnight.

happy easter!

april 13, 2017 by volker lobmayr

we are launching the new opaque tabtags

hi tabtag on new macbook

do you have one of the great new macbook or macbook pro models? did you enjoy the great quality and reusability of the glowing tabtags and don't want to miss it on your new mac? we've got you covered!

opaque tabtags are optimized for the new macbook models without a glowing apple logo. they are printed on an innovative adhesive film that works without glue and allows for easy removal and an unlimited number of reuses.

of course, we keep offering the glowing tabtags for those of you with an old macbook model equipped with a glowing apple logo. just select the right one ;)

march 22, 2017 by scott goetz

give your brand extra glow

MacBook with glowing custom macbook stickers we made for different companies

we bet you have created a great logo for your brand. 
let us help you to get it seen by everyone.

with glowing tabtags we can make your logo glow,
so your brand becomes more visible and stands out from the crowd.
simply send your design file to and get a free digital preview of your own design or branding!

march 16, 2017 by volker lobmayr

the pink flamingo has landed

Glowing Flamingo Tabtag

get some tropical vibes on your macbook with our beautiful flamingo tabtag. the body as well as the legs are glowing with fine details in the feathers. it's surrounded by palm leaves and cherry blossoms. the background consists of the finest tone of turquoise we have got.

february 23, 2017 by volker lobmayr

we love simple design

glwoing air tabtag

the simple yet functional design of
temporary macbooks is simply beautiful

but we wanted to make it more individual and self expressing. that's why we have created a some simple and beautiful designs, so that you can match your macbook with your style!

check them out and let us know if you like them ;) 

february 17, 2017 by scott goetz

because we love you

two macbooks with a glowing heart sticker

we know that valentine’s is just another day and that you appreciate and love your special someone every single day. we also know that chocolate melts and flowers die, but still everybody gets excited about small signs of attention every now and then. that’s why we prepared a little something for you.

2 for 1

pick a tabtag for your love and receive a second one as our present to you. just chose your your favorite (2 or more) designs and enter the discount code LOVE during checkout until january 29th. we’ll send them to you just in time for valentine’s day.



ps. we ship for free worldwide, so there might be some change left for flowers ;)

january 26, 2017 by jovana vukovic

superhero sale

glowing superhero macbook stickers on a macbook

superhero landing! they're doing a superhero landing!

we all need a superhero from time to time. however, most of the time, we do not even realize that we ourselves are the superheroes. to remind you of how strong you are, we want to share our superhero collection with you!

starting on monday, 12th of december, you get € 2 off each batman, superman and deadpool design. use the code „SUPERHEROES-EXTENDED“ at the checkout. 

this code will expire on sunday, 18th of december friday, 23rd of december.
december 11, 2016 by Stefanie Peninger

black friday sale

black friday sale and macbook with glowing decal

get ready for our black friday sale


we cut our prices in half on all designs.
oh, and we also have free shipping on all our orders.


form friday, november 25th
to sunday, november 27th


just enter the discount code BLACKFRIDAY during checkout.


view designs


november 11, 2016 by volker lobmayr

why we decided to ship for free

tabtag packaging

starting your own business is an adventure. while we do our research to try to understand how to tackle a particular problem, we often decide on our approach intuitively, without really knowing what the implications might be. since our launch two and a half years ago, we charged a small shipping fee for tabtags from our collection, while offering free shipping to all our clients who ordered custom tabtags.

after talking with some friends and colleagues we decided that it was illogical to add shipping fees to regular tabtag orders but not add them to custom tabtag orders. we later considered charging shipping fees on all our orders. after all, we have to pay for shipping as well. sounds reasonable, right?

a few days ago, i was about to support a kickstarter campaign. after selecting a reward I was ready to pay. i was then confronted with shipping fees that added almost 50% to the amount i was prepared to spend. i did not complete the order and left the website feeling slightly frustrated.

having looked at our abandoned checkout statistics, i started to wonder whether a similar unpleasant surprise of shipping fees might be turning away potential customers at the last stage of the ordering process.

for us, it has been always important that tabtag delivers the best service possible to ensure that our customers feel valued and routinely have a good experience shopping with tabtag.

in light of this, we came to the decision that the best solution is to get rid of shipping fees altogether. we are looking forward to seeing the outcome of this move.

what are your experiences with shipping fees?

october 13, 2016 by volker lobmayr