glowing & reusable macbook stickers

personalize your macbook with a glowing sticker from our collection or have your own design produced as custom decals. tabtags use the glowing apple as a light source. you can apply, remove & reuse them many times. we offer free shipping worldwide.

the team at tabtag is made up of people who believe in self expression, diversity and individual design.

we are proud to present our next generation of tabtag decals. opaque tabtags are optimized for the newly released macbook models without glowing apple. they are printed on an innovative adhesive film which works without glue and allows for easy removal and an unlimited number of reuses. as they do not glow, there are more possibilities in terms of design and shape.  

in addition to our opaque collection we also produce individually designed or branded custom tabtags.

please also check out glowing tabtags for all macbooks a with glowing apple.

for more detailed information on how tabtags work and what makes them so special, please take a look at the instructions and frequently asked questions. if you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to do so via our contact form.


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