glowing & reusable macbook stickers

personalize your macbook with a glowing sticker from our collection or have your own design produced as custom decals. tabtags use the glowing apple as a light source. you can apply, remove & reuse them many times. we offer free shipping worldwide.

focus on light

earlier this year, on the occasion of the international year of light declared by the united nations, we had the honor to speak at the zumtobel lichtforum at vienna about our approach to light.

on april 17th y the zumtobel group organized a special year of light event at their headquarters in dornbirn, and at the bregenz festspielhaus. zumtobel invited 950 guests from 27 countries to attend a program of inspiring lectures, a presentation of product innovations by thorn, tridonic and zumtobel, as well as of the winners of the zumtobel group award. all attendees received custom made year of light tabtags to decorate their macbooks. the glowing apple logo gets covered, blocking the light, but leaving the words "year of light" glow. the thoroughly and environmentally friendly produced tabtags can be peeled off easily and reused various times. 

april 07, 2015 by Volker Lobmayr
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