reusable macbook & privacy stickers

personalize your macbook with a reusable sticker. protect your privacy by covering the cameras on your phone, tablet or laptop with an adhesive-free privacy sticker. choose from our collection or have your design or branding turned into custom stickers.


animated gif showing black and white gradient designs

during my career as a designer i have always been fascinated by gradients and the three dimensional effects that can be created with them.

minimal design is yet another passion of mine, so i created six new black and white gradient designs, available both as adhesive-free laptop stickers and privacy stickers.

buy more / save more

i just added a shop-wide volume discount that allows you to buy any combination of designs and products at a discount of up to 50%.

this is an experiment and i don't know for how long it will be running, so seize this opportunity to stock up on your macbook decals and privacy stickers.

buy save
2 - 10 %
3  - 20 %
4 - 30 %
5 - 40 %
6 - 50 %


new shipping options

as of today, you can choose between shipping with or without tracking.

without tracking / with tracking
 to austria € 1 / € 4
worldwide € 2 / € 5

thank you for your support and happy summer!


June 24, 2021 by volker lobmayr
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