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why we decided to ship for free

tabtag packaging

starting your own business is an adventure. while we do our research to try to understand how to tackle a particular problem, we often decide on our approach intuitively, without really knowing what the implications might be. since our launch two and a half years ago, we charged a small shipping fee for tabtags from our collection, while offering free shipping to all our clients who ordered custom tabtags.

after talking with some friends and colleagues we decided that it was illogical to add shipping fees to regular tabtag orders but not add them to custom tabtag orders. we later considered charging shipping fees on all our orders. after all, we have to pay for shipping as well. sounds reasonable, right?

a few days ago, i was about to support a kickstarter campaign. after selecting a reward I was ready to pay. i was then confronted with shipping fees that added almost 50% to the amount i was prepared to spend. i did not complete the order and left the website feeling slightly frustrated.

having looked at our abandoned checkout statistics, i started to wonder whether a similar unpleasant surprise of shipping fees might be turning away potential customers at the last stage of the ordering process.

for us, it has been always important that tabtag delivers the best service possible to ensure that our customers feel valued and routinely have a good experience shopping with tabtag.

in light of this, we came to the decision that the best solution is to get rid of shipping fees altogether. we are looking forward to seeing the outcome of this move.

what are your experiences with shipping fees?

October 13, 2016 by volker lobmayr
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Ivan Albarenque

Ivan Albarenque said:

hi, im from argentina (sorry my english).
i wanna know how many is the minimun por shipping in Buenos Aires, Argentina and what is the cost?.



volker said:

Hi Ivan,

There is no minimum, worldwide shipping is free, always.



Benjamin said:

Really glad shipping fees are now free! For items such as these that are smaller, sometimes worldwide shipping really takes a toll on us when the cost is a large percentage of the product’s price. Great call!

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