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iOS security hole found: iPhone users should update immediately

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Apple has rolled out a software update for iPhones and iPads in response to the discovery of a significant security flaw. Installing this update is essential for safeguarding your device against spying attacks.

The security vulnerability was identified by researchers from the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab, who have reported that hackers are "actively exploiting" this weakness. As a precautionary measure, all users are strongly advised to update their devices immediately.

Hackers are breaking into devices via the commercial software Pegasus, developed and sold by the Israeli company called NSO Group. This allows them to activate the cameras, microphone, and access data saved on the devices. Pegasus is a sophisticated and targeted surveillance tool that has historically been used against specific individuals such as activists, journalists, and politicians. These individuals are typically more aware of their security risks, making it crucial for them to stay vigilant and update their devices promptly.

According to an article published in the Independent, a member of the staff at a US-based civil society organization with a global presence fell victim to the latest cyber-attack, as reported by Citizen Lab. This new exploit, named BLASTPASS, is particularly dangerous because it doesn't require any user interaction on their iPhone.

Over the past years, Apple and the NSO Group have been engaged in an ongoing battle to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities that could potentially enable the delivery of such malicious software.

Recent iPhone updates have introduced a "Lockdown Mode" designed to fortify the device's security by imposing additional restrictions. For instance, it prevents the automatic downloading of images that might contain spyware, which was the method used in this most recent security breach.

Security breaches do happen, unfortunately, that's why we recommed covering the cameras on your devices with CamTag.  

September 14, 2023 by volker lobmayr
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