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All CamTags sent out

glue-free privacy sticker on phone

Hopefully this update finds you healthy and happy despite the challenging global circumstances.

The past month felt a little bit like a retreat. I spent every morning putting CamTags into envelopes and printing address labels, and every evening packing CamTags into their packaging while listening to an Italian podcast. I'm not so sure how good my Italian is at this point, but I'm happy to tell you that I managed to pack and send out all your rewards by the end of November.

When will I receive my reward?

In the past weeks I have received great feedback from those of you who already got their CamTags – thank you so much – while others have been asking about when they'd receive their rewards. During the ever shifting global circumstances caused by the pandemic it is not easy for me to estimate delivery dates. I sent out all rewards via priority mail, so in theory they should arrive anywhere in the world within 2 weeks.

Please bear with me as I will do my best to ensure that all of you receive their CamTag rewards, one way or the other. 


December 10, 2020 by volker lobmayr
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