glowing & reusable macbook stickers

personalize the glowing apple logo on your macbook with a glowing tabtag, make your notebook or tablet stand out with an opaque sticker from our collection, or have your own design turned into custom decals. tabtags are reusable many times. enjoy free worldwide shipping.

we love shopify

glowing shopify macbook sticker on a mac

when we first thought about creating glowing, reusable macbook decals, we looked for a flexible, powerful and intuitive e-commerce platform which would allow us to customize our website design and easily add new functionality. after doing our research and trying out several platforms it was clear that shopify would be our platform of choice. since our launch in may 2014 we have been steadily improving and tweaking our webshop and adding new applications via the shopify app store. we are currently redesigning our webshop and are happy that even this process can be done rather easily using shopify. we searched for our favorite theme on the shopify store, bought it and are now adapting it to our needs - being able to preview it online without interfering with our live shop. this allows us to seamlessly switch from the current shop design to the new one.

shopify can count us among their huge number of satisfied customers. when the shopify team contacted us asking if we could produce glowing macbook stickers of their logo, we were thrilled and excitedly got to work creating amazing shopify tabtags for them.

thank you shopify for being such a great partner!

March 10, 2016 by volker lobmayr
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