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introducing the adhocrates collective

we are happy and proud the adhocrates collective forms part of our tabtag artists and made unique, cheeky and fun tabtag designs. you can check them out here.

the adhocrates collective is a multidisciplinary design studio/art collective based in vienna. the core members are kathi macheiner (aka. sixxa) and lilo krebernik (aka. deadlemming) but depending on projects there are several other members involved frequently and other artists temporarily part of the collective.


their range of work includes illustration and character design as well as a series of designs for snowboard and skateboard brands, and also several clothing labels. and the adhocrates are often putting out their own products with projects like sixxa clothing or adhoc skateboards. their most highlighted projects are installations, for example a character shaped skatebowl with a 6m tall sculpture casted out of it, or the recent project „brobdingnag gift shop“ – 10:1 scaled wooden toys that can be interacted with.

January 09, 2015 by Iva Lohovska
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