reusable macbook & privacy stickers

personalize your macbook with a reusable sticker. protect your privacy by covering the cameras on your phone, tablet or laptop with an adhesive-free privacy sticker. choose from our collection or have your design or branding turned into custom stickers.

our adventure begins!!!

my dear fellow passengers,

we are more than happy to announce that we just crossed the 100% mark and reached our initial funding goal!!! thank you so much, your are simply amazing!!!

this is not the end, it's just the beginning of our journey together in the creation of an internationally successful and happy startup! With your help and feedback we are learning and improving every day. once again we want to express our deep gratitude for making tabtag grow into something beautiful.

stretch goal #1

in the remaining 29 days here on Kickstarter we will continue to develop tabtag further, so we can offer you more options. as soon as we reach $ 10.000 AUD, we will add a variation of the rocket design you see above to our collection, so you have one more design to choose from. those of you, who pledged for the entire collection, will receive the rocket design as a present, so in total you will get 19, not 18 tabtags.

in case you would like to change your pledge in order to receive more tabtags, you can do this easily until the end of this campaign.

please share your enthusiasm about tabtag with your friends and colleagues. tell them, when you see them. please press the social media buttons on the lower right side of this website and help us spread diversity, self expression and individual design.

enjoy this beautiful day and have a great start of the week!!!

June 01, 2014 by Volker Lobmayr
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