reusable macbook & privacy stickers

personalize your laptop with a reusable sticker. protect your privacy by covering the cameras on your phone, tablet or laptop with an adhesive-free privacy sticker. choose from our collection or have your own design or branding turned into custom stickers.

custom privacy stickers are a great way to stand out from the crowd. order custom stickers with your own design or branding to impress your clients and colleagues with original giveaways.

CamTag is a set of glue-free and reusable privacy decals that help you protect your privacy by covering the cameras on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
devices with glue-free custom privacy stickers

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we are humbled that the kuk marketing team took a leap of faith and ordered custom CamTags before the product development was completed. the happier we are about the great feedback we received.  

kuk is privileged to be among the first users. my colleagues have really appreciated it and they finally found a solution to hide the camera lens instead of using embarrassing alternate solution one of which was first aid bandage.



shortly after completing our kickstarter campaign chemical company basf asked us to make custom CamTags including custom packaging for them.

we have presented the CamTag to different teams and got great feedback.

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