glowing & reusable macbook stickers

personalize your macbook with a glowing sticker from our collection or have your own design produced as custom decals. tabtags use the glowing apple as a light source. you can apply, remove & reuse them many times.


€ 9.99

artist tabtag

no matter how fast technology moves forward, there are certain things which continue to exist because we love them so much. music recorded on vinyl has this full sound and transports you into a different time. this glowing vinyl macbook sticker is a tribute to this amazing technology developed in the 1950s.

this tabtag is

· a glowing macbook sticker
· removable & reusable many times
· form 5 x 5 to 7 x 7 cm of size
· equipped with a tongue for easy removal
· sustainably produced in austria
· suitable for recycling


· via priority mail
· in 7 to 10 days
· free of charge