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artist tabtag


· reusable laptop sticker
· for laptops and macbooks
· adhesive-free film
· easily removable & reusable
· transparent tongue for easy removal
· size 51 x 51 mm
· made with ♥ in austria

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glowing tabtag is:

  • a reusable laptop sticker that can be removed without leaving residue
  • optimized for macbooks equipped with glowing apple logo
  • available in beautiful designs
  • customizable with your own design or branding

about glowing tabtag

we also make individually designed or branded custom apple stickers. select your favorite apple logo sticker for your laptop. order laptop stickers online at our reusable sticker and label shop.

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faqs glowing tabtag

what is glowing tabtag?

glowing tabtag is a glowing apple logo sticker. it uses the glowing apple on older macbook models to illuminate individual designs and make them glow.

on which laptops can i use glowing tabtag?

glowing tabtag is a glowing apple logo sticker that works with macbooks equipped with a glowing apple. this includes macbook pro, macbook air and older macbook generations.

how can i apply glowing tabtag to my macbook?

applying glowing tabtag to your macbook is easy. please check out our instructions on how to to apply a tabtag to your macbook.

how can i remove glowing tabtag from my macbook?

glowing tabtag is easily removable without leaving any residue behind, so that you can exchange it, whenever you want to. for detailed information please read the instructions page.

will there be any residue after removing a tabtag?

in short: no.

glowing tabtag is printed on adhesive film that’s been especially designed for easy and complete removal, so you can reuse and exchange tabtags many times.

how often can i reuse a glowing tabtag?

you can reuse and exchange glowing tabtag many times, just be careful to keep adhesive side of the glowing apple logo sticker and the lid of your macbook clean.

what can i do if the adhesive side of my glowing tabtag is dusty?

glowing tabtag is water resistant. you can carefully rinse it with cold water and reuse it once dry. the adhesive qualities will return after cleaning.

can i have my own design or logo produced as glowing tabtag?

yes, we offer custom apple stickers. personalize your macbook with your own design or branding and surprise your colleagues or clients with original giveaways.

in what colors can glowing tabtag be produced?

both the glowing and the light blocking areas of this glowing apple logo sticker are printed in all cmyk-colors. this allows us to produce custom apple stickers that live up to the corporate identity and design of any given company. we also make special editions in silver and neon colors.

is it possible to remove the transparent tongue from my glowing tabtag?

the transparent tongue in the lower right of each glowing apple logo sticker allows for easy removal and reuse. however, if you prefer not to have it you can peel it off.

how can I peel off a glowing tabtag after having removed the transparent tongue?

don’t worry, in case you removed the transparent tongue of your tabtag, you can peel it off introducing a sheet of paper between the glowing apple logo sticker and the macbook lid.